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CISO Africa: Live

21 - 22 September 2021


Why do we still see email as a perimeter problem?

Ross Saunders joins Brian Pinnock of Mimecast to discuss the following:

  • The evolution of the threat landscape,
  • Email being used as an attack vector,
  • How is email being addressed as part of digital transformation and COVID-19 and
  • Threat and brand exploitation increases

The Ins and Outs of Incident Response

Ian Keller, CISO SBV

Ian Keller, CISO, SBV

As we all know, the more organised the approach to an incident when addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs.

Ian Keller, former group CISO of Discovery Health and Current CISO of SBV shared insights based on his 30 years in ICT Security Industry. Ian was joined by Ross Saunders to discuss the importance of an incident response plan and having an incidence response plan. Ian Keller discussed the benefits of having a solid plan approved by the board, the importance of having an incident response plan and the value of a rapid response for businesses.

The discussion also highlights how culture plays a part in Incident Response and how one can build a culture around security.

#incidentresponse #cybersecurity

Zero Trust – What is it, what is valuable, and what is hype?

Steve Jump,Director and CEO, Custodiet Advisory Services

In this episode of Saunders on Security, Ross Saunders chats to Steve Jump about the hype around Zero Trust in marketing, where the value comes in for Zero Trust, the principles that can be implemented, the implementation in smaller companies and the effects of culture on Zero Trust.

Data Processing Agreements

In this interview with David Luyt of Michalsons, Ross and David discuss the following points:

  • What is a data processing agreement?,
  • The significance of a data processing agreement,
  • Differences and similarities between the South African and European context,
  • How data processing agreements affect information security and
  • Is there “wiggle room” in these agreements?

The Cybercrimes Bill

Saunders on Security Season 1 Episode 5: Jason Jordaan

In this interview with Ross Saunders and Jason Jordaan, Principal Forensic Analyst, DFIRLABS, they discuss the following main points: 

  • What is the cybercrimes bill?
  • How has it evolved over time?
  • How will it affect businesses?
  • What should a CISO be aware of?
  • Can it be used to criminalise the “good guys”?

Moving Victory To The Start

Saunders on Security Season 1 Episode 6

John Sileo, Cybersecurity Author, Expert & Keynote Speaker, Sileo Grooup Inc.

In this discussion Ross Saunders Chats to John Sileo about: 

  • Challenges CISO’s face communicating to the board and employees
  • The “Cyber Storyboard”
  • Helping with communication
  • The results

The Importance of Threat Modelling

Saunders on Security Season 1 Episode 7

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In this episode Ross Saunders chats to Alyssa Miller on the following:

  • What is Threat Modelling
  • Why should you do it?
  • Does it only apply to large corporate?
  • What helps and hinders it?
  • How do you get started?

Company fraud and segregation of duties (SOD)

Saunders on Security Season 1 Episode 8

Craig Pedersen (CFE) (CCCi), Digital Forensics Practitioner & OsInt/ Due Diligence, Fraud &Cybercrime investigator, Speaker, TCG Digital Forensics

In this episode Ross Saunders talks to Craig Pedersen about:

  • What is Segregation of Duties and why is it important?
  • Where does fraud fit in?
  • How do smaller businesses enable SOD?
  • How should it be audited and validated?

Digital Information and Information in the cloud

Saunders on Security: Season 1 Episode 9

“Digital Information and Information in the cloud”

In this episode Ross Saunders talks to Ahmed Nabil Mahmoud, to answer the following questions:

  • How has cloud adoption moved in the last year?
  • What data is most at risk or sought after?
  • What protection strategies are coming out of Covid?
  • Compliance advice for cloud security